Tai Chi Academy of Wushu and Acupressure currently offers training in the following Weapon styles:

Public Styles:

1st Lu of Qing Ping Sword (青萍剑一路)

Intermediate Wushu Staff

Secret Styles:

1st Lu of Blue Dragon Broad Sword (青龙刀一路)


The following styles have been taught in the past:

Public Styles:

32 Form Tai Chi Sword (32式太极剑)

Secret Styles:

36 Form Tai Chi Stick (36式太极棍)

1st Lu of the Sword of Blue Dragon (青龙剑一路)

1st Lu of Magic Stick (魔棍一路)

2nd Lu of Magic Stick (魔棍二路)

3rd Lu of Magic Stick (魔棍三路)

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