Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is Tai Chi?

Here, Tai Chi means Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan). Originally, Tai Chi is about the balance of Yin and Yang, the balance of five elements. Tai Chi is a principle way of moving or/and changing of the every living or nonliving thing in the universe. Chuan has two meaning: a fist or martial arts. Here, Chuan means martial arts. Tai Chi Chuan is one of the soft (or internal) styles of Chinese martial arts. The history approved that Tai Chi Chuan is one of the best moving Qigong for meditation, healing and getting more energy. The greatest benefit for practicing Taijiquan is to get Chi (Qi) as Qi may be used for improving the health, for healing, for self-defense.

2 What is Chi Kung (Qigong)?

Qigong is an exercise with or without movement combined with the methods of relaxation, breathing, concentration, and mind control. Qigong has being used for getting more energy, for slowing down aging, for self or mutual healing in China since more than 5,000 years ago. It contains moving Qigong and motionless Qigong.

Comparison between motionless Qigong and moving Qigong:

The difficulty of learning
Motionless Qigong: No, it is very easy.
Moving Qigong: Yes, e.g., Tai Chi Chuan, etc.
No, e.g., Hunyuan Qigong, etc.

The difficulty for getting Qi (practicing 1 hr./day)
Motionless Qigong: Very difficult. Need 15 yrs. or more.
Moving Qigong: Not really. Need 3 yrs. or more for Hunyuan

Risk for getting pain or sick or disable?
Motionless Qigong: Very possible.
Moving Qigong: No, for normal & traditional Qigong.

Which one is better for you?
Motionless Qigong: It is not good for beginner. It is good for advanced learners. Private
learning and protection from a Qigong master is strongly suggested.
Moving Qigong: It is good for both beginners and advanced learners.

3 What is Qi?

The masters of Qigong and Taijiquan, the doctors, the scientists, all of them do not know yet. Qi may not be seen. It may not be smelled. It may not be heard. It may not be tasted, and it is not touchable. If you get Qi from doing Qigong or Taijiquan, you can feel it. If you do not have Qi, you cannot feel it, and it is very difficult for you to understand it. If a person has enough Qi, he/she may use Qi to heal himself/herself or to heal other body. A lot of patients were healed by Qigong masters. This is the evidence of Qi and Qigong. Mainly, we can say that Qi is related with vital energy. I guess that Qi has very close relationship with human bio-magnetic fields and bioelectric fields. Until now, we are talking about the soft style of Qigong. There is a hard style of Qigong. A master, who were trained in hard style Qigong a long time, has an extraordinary ability such as to break a thick stone, to bent a thick steel bar, to chew and to eat up a china bowl, etc.
A peaceful and quiet mind will help a beginner to get qi (chi). Qi will be peacefully and easily listen to your normal mind. According to the history of Taijiquan in China, almost no normal people are hurt by practicing Taijiquan.
It is strongly suggested that anybody have to learn and practice in the order of step by step. If you feel any pain in any position, you must stop. Maybe your health is not in good condition, please find out and cure it, and learn Taijiquan later. Very possibly, your stance (including a foot, a knee, the hip, the waist, the shoulder, the chest, a arm, the head or breathing) is wrong. You need to watch your image in a mirror, find out the problem. If you get Qi, and it is so strong that you do not know how to control it, just relax, concentrate your mind to Dantian (丹田), forget your Qi, and never force Qi to move before consulting a qualified Taijiquan instructor. Or just stop practicing Taijiquan until you find help from a Taijiquan instructor. If a person gets pain or feels numb of any part of the body as forcing the Qi moving without any help from a Taijiquan instructor, a western doctor cannot help him/her. This is a very rare case. He/she needs to find an Acupressure therapist who can use Qigong to heal a patient. If you cannot get help at your town, please call me. I will do my best to help you.

4 Who created Taijiquan?

Taijiquan was created by Master Sanfeng Zhang more than 700 years ago. The basic idea and some forms of Taijiquan came from more than two thousands years ago.

5 What are Yin and Yang?

The universe consists of Yin and Yang. A human body is so complicated that it may be treated as a small universe. It contains Yin and Yang too. Yin includes female, Yang includes male. The balance of Yin and Yang is important for keeping healthy body. Examples of Yin and Yang are the follows. The heaven is Yang, the ground is Yin. The day is Yang, the night is Yin. The hardness is Yang, the softness is Yin. Outside is Yang, inside is Yin. Fire is Yang, water is Yin. Attack is Yang, defense is Yin. Abdomen is Yang, back is Yin. The straight is Yang, the bend is Yin. The palm (fist) facing down is called Yang palm (fist). The Palm (fist) facing up is Yin palm (fist).

6 What is Wushu?  

 Wushu is Chinese Martial Arts including Neijia Quan (Internal Department of Wushu) and Wai Jia Quan (Outer Department of Wushu). Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan and Luhe Bafa, etc. belong to Neijia Quan. Taijiquan contain North Branch and South Branch. Chen's() Taijiquan, Yang's() Taijiquan, Wu's() Taijiquan, Wu's() Taijiquan and Sun's(孙)Taijiquan, etc. are the members of North Branch of Taijiquan. Most styles of North Branch of Taijiquan are published, i.e., they are open styles. From history's reason, South Branch of Taijiquan is rare known.





 Who cannot learn and practice Wushu?

Ask your doctor if you can learn and practice Wushu.
Wushu is not good or bad for the people having violence, or with mental problem, or with heavy addiction in alcohol or any illegal drug, or with strong hate to one or more human, or who sometimes cannot control himself/herself, or who is very weak or sick or painful, or who cannot normally walk about five minutes. Wushu will hurt them in three ways. Some of them will be hurt by themselves in falling down as they cannot control themselves. Some of them may use wushu in committing a crime, and it will destroy their life. Some of them may get Qi (Chi), and Qi will go to the wrong ways so as to course them pain or/and disability of a part or a whole body.