Charges for Learning Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu, and Chi Kung

$20/hr. $60/month (4-5 hrs/month). $110/month (8-10 hrs/month). $150/month (12-15 hrs/month).

Instructor Training Program: $250/month (24-40 hrs/month).

Private Lesson:

$50/hour (For styles which are opened to public, i.e., they are published in articles or books or
VCD or DVD or videotapes.)
$80/hour (For styles which are not opened to public yet, i.e., they are secret styles of a Branch of Wushu.)


Refund or Credits Policy
1 There is no return or refund for any video or audiotape or VCD/DVD or any printed or copied
information/book/magazine or any uniforms or any Chinese herbs or Chinese medicines bought from Yingzhang Wang or Tai Chi Academy of Wushu & Acupressure.

2 Refund policy: 100% of the tuition will be refunded in 1st day, i.e., the same paid day, 50% in
2rd day, 25% in 3rd day. No refund after three days. The remained tuition may be used as credits
in one year.

The credits are not transferable. This refund and credits policy are voided when the payment is
not directly go to Mr. Yingzhang Wang as he cannot control a government or other organization.

3 Call Yingzhang Wang at least 24 hours in advance for credits if you could not take next class.
You can make up the class at another location or other time in two months. You cannot use the
credit at the same location and the same time. You do not have any credit if you did not phone
Mr. Wang on time.