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Yingzhang Wang (Wang Shengzhang) Started to learn wushu at four years old, Chi Kung and acupressure at seven.

After graduating from the Department of Geophysics, Peking University in 1966, he was a meteorologist until 1978. He received MS in Atmospheric Dynamics at the Graduate School, Academia Sinica (the Academy of Science of China) in 1981. He was an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, the Academy of Science of China, and a member of the Society of Meteorology of China between 1981 and 1985.

He was a lecturer at two seminars about four months for the meteorologists from the provinces of Jiangxi and Guizhou. His topic was "The Application of Probability and Mathematical Statistics in Weather Prediction". His main five papers were published at <SCIENTIA SINICA>, <SCIENCE PRESS>, <SCIENTIA ATMOSPHERICA SINICA>, a book about the conference of the application of probability and mathematical statistics in meteorology published by American Society of Meteorology in 1980's. He was invited and made an academic report at "the International Conference of Applied Meteorology and Climatology" held by the World Weather Organization, American Society of Meteorology and Philippine Society of Meteorology at Manila, Philippines in March 1985, and his paper was printed in a book.

He came to USA as a PhD student at the Department of Atmospheric Science, SUNYA, after he received a research assistantship in 1985. After he finished the credits except the PhD thesis, he became a graduate student in Biometry and Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, SUNYA. He received the 2nd MS in 1991.

He started to teach wushu and acupressure, to heal the patients by using acupressure and chi kung in 1991. A half of patients or more were healed after a few hours of acupressure from Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang taught over 30 different locations in Metro-Atlanta, GA. He and his students did more than 45 times free public demonstration or performance at over 30 locations.

Mr. Wang taught fifty-one different styles of Chinese martial arts from 1991 to 2005. Twenty-two are the open styles, which have been published. Twenty-nine are the secret styles, which have not been published yet.

There are more than 2,500 people who learned taijiquan, kungfu, qigong and acupressure from Mr. Wang since 1991. Most of them joined in non-credit program. There is no any test in non-credit program. If a person can pass the final test of a style of Chinese martial arts, he/she will receive a diploma of this style from Tai Chi Academy of Wushu & Acupressure. This is credit program.

Only forty people passed the tests and received one hundred and one diplomas from twenty-five different styles of Chinese martial arts. These one hundred and one diplomas contain seventy-five diplomas from fourteen open styles and twenty-six diplomas from eleven secret styles. There are seventeen people received at least two diplomas, and five people have at least six diplomas. One person received fourteen diplomas, i.e., this student passed all of the final tests of fourteen different styles of Chinese martial arts. There are two students who learned five to six years, who passed all of the tests and who received the certificate of Assistant Instructor of wushu. One received the certificate of Assistant Instructor of tai chi chuan, from Yingzhang Wang. One will receive the certificate of Instructor of the 1st level in wushu this year.

Mr. Wang has been a judge for eleven times at International Chinese Martial Arts Tournaments. There are seven students who received the awards of 4 Gold, 14 Silvers and 7 Bronzes from International Chinese Martial Arts Tournaments since 2000.

Mr. Wang was invited, interviewed, broadcasted or reported from four Channels of TV Stations, Atlanta Journal Constitution and World Journal. He received an award of "Instructor of The Year" "For Outstanding Contributions To The Students and Community" from Gwinnett County Schools and the Parks and Recreation Division in March 2001.

Chinese Scientific and Cultural Audio and Video Publishing House published Mr. Wang’s three DVD of “48 Form Taijiquan with Limited Foot Movement” and “2nd Lu of Hunyuan Qigong” in September, 2004. There are another four DVD are published in 2005. They are “Introduction to Snake Quan”, “27 Forms Tai Chi Stick”, “Tuina (Acupressure) – 1” and “Basics of Wushu”. Each of DVD has publication number and bar code.

Mr. Wang received an invitation and attended an international conference sponsored by China and Japan in September of 2005. He is one of ten who made main speech at the meeting. The other nine are well-known professors in martial arts or physical education from other countries. Mr. Wang is the only one who is invited for this international conference from USA.