Illustrations from the 2nd Lu of Hunyuan Qigong (混元气功二路)

                                               2nd Form: Turn and hold the moon 转身捧月

                                3rd Form: A couple of snakes fly out of water 双蛇出水

                                         4th Form: A monkey steals the peaches 猴子偷桃

                              6th Form: A girl on a boat takes the lotus seeds 小姑采莲

                         7th Form: Push a boat along with the flowing water 顺水推舟

                    8th Form: Thump a door by moving the back of the body 倒撞门

9th Form: A cicada sheds the cast-of-part in molting (Escape by crafty scheme)

                            11th Form: Grasp in the front and seize at the back 前抓后拿

                            13th Form: Push the wave to produce a bigger tide 推波助浪

                                     15th Form: A couple of snakes play in water 双蛇戏水

                                                      17th Form: A little flat shoulder pole 小扁担

                                       18th Form: A blind person tries to find a door 瞎摸门

                                  19th Form: Twice come up and twice go down 两起两落

                                    22nd Form: A white dragon flies out of water 白龙出水

                                                                 23rd Form: A scaly anteater 穿山甲

                  27th Form: Stab out and sweep two arms at two corners 微波蕩漾

                                                28th Form: Back to one after 99 tries 九九归一